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After a new immigration law makes her visa invalid, Adillah, a caregiver from Ghana, must decide whether to save herself or the elderly Sicilian man in her care.

Directed By  Nico Rincari

Executive Produced By Emily Dillard

Produced By Jessica Lueck


Cinematography By Kai Dickson

Currently in festival run

Awards and Accolades

Student Academy Awards - College Shorts - 2021 - Nominated


Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion, and Arts Festival - Short Films - 2021 - Official Selection


USA Film Festival - Short Films - 2021 - Winner


2020 Savannah Film Festival - College Shorts - 2021 - Winner


2020 Magma Film Festival - Short Films - ITALY - 2021 Testimonial Award


Tulip Pani Di Seta Nera Film Festival - Special Preview - ITALY - 2021 Jury Prize

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